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    As they made their way back to their table where her father sat waiting they nearly bumped into another couple.
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    Linda looked at the couple and had to stifle a gasp. She brought her hand up to his cheek, Then tell me.

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  • She d had it with his snide comments and mocking glances whenever she went to these barn dances.
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    Swimming- May 23,2008

    Today my son Stephen and I woke up at 6am in the morning and went swimming at the YMCA. I really enjoyed it and think Stephen did too. He practiced all strokes and his times were (26sec-free, 33-back, 40, breast and 45-butterfly) We honestly think that the Y pull is lengthier but the life guard said it was 25 yards. So anyway we shall see what happens tomorrow.

    Are you ready to go back inside and finish the meal? he asked, brushing the remaining tears from her face.

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  • But the main thing is we went and practiced and felt great!


    Hi…I am so excited. This is my first attempt at creating a webpage. It seems simple so far…

    Both my sons, Stephen and Christopher are swimming this year. Stephen just had his meet with the StingRays and had a backstroke time of 23.9 seconds for 25 yards. This means he qualifies for the first time in his life for the Summer Thunder.

    As a mom it is great to see your kids succeed. It feels like your own individual success. I remember Stephen from 2 years ago when he was just learning to swim. He was in the slowest lane…I would get frustrated because he was in that lane. My husband on the other hand would say, “he has no where to go but up in the rankings.” He is a real positive guy.
    But this weekend when I saw him do great at backstroke, I now know it is possible for him to move up in the rankings.

    So the moral is believe in your child and he will deliver!

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    She handed her empty glass to a surprised elderly woman after she downed the contents, here, hold that for me grandma.

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  • A few hours wasn t enough to give herself an objective view.
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